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For quality residential and commercial glass in the Alexandria area, look no further than Eleet Glass & Mirror LLC. We’re a licensed and insured glass company with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, and we strive for quality workmanship and customer service at reasonable rates. Call for window repair, door glass replacement, glass shower doors, and more!

Glass Displays

If you own a bakery, jewelry store, or other business in which you need to display wares without leaving them exposed, Eleet Glass & Mirror LLC is your solution for quality glass displays and retail counters. We can create glass display cases that are beautiful and look professional, while also protecting your items for sale from damage, theft, sanitation concerns, and other issues. We can also fabricate a glass display cabinet for residential use, for instance, if you have a work of art you want to show but need to protect from harm. Our home and store displays are durable and top-quality. Contact Eleet Glass & Mirror now for more information!

In addition to installing glass cases for display as part of new construction or a remodeling project, Eleet Glass & Mirror can install a new glass display to replace one that is:

  • Cracked or scratched
  • Broken
  • Cloudy or discolored due to age
  • The wrong size for your current needs

In a commercial setting, you need retail display cases that are attractive and clean, and show off your merchandise to its best advantage. Broken or poorly installed glass display shelves can also be a hazard to your customers, and put your wares at risk of falling or being damaged. At home, a professional glass display will showcase your valuable items and enhance your space. With all of these considerations, why would you choose a company that doesn’t care about quality workmanship to create glass display cases for you? At Eleet Glass & Mirror, our licensed and insured glass professionals will work hard to ensure your satisfaction.

Reasonable Prices for Glass Displays

Whether you need new store displays, such as jewelry showcases, or you need a glass display cabinet at home, we understand that you’re probably working with a set budget. That’s why Eleet Glass & Mirror strives to offer some of the lowest prices for glass cases for display in the Alexandria area. We’ll give you great service at a great price. Want to know more about our affordable rates? Call Eleet Glass & Mirror today for a free cost estimate for the custom display cases you require.

We stand behind our glass specialists’ labor with a comprehensive one-year warranty. That guarantee, plus our more than 20 years of experience in the glass display shelving industry, means you can feel completely safe and at ease putting your glass display needs in our capable hands. We promise to cut the glass and finish the edges to your exact specifications, and to install your new display case or shelves properly and securely. When your business success or home décor depends on custom display cases that do their job effortlessly, choose Eleet Glass & Mirror LLC as your go-to glass company! Call or e-mail us today. 

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